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We make Boosted Insights - an artificial intelligence software for investment managers to create value in their equity portfolios.

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Our Platform: Boosted Insights

Cutting Edge

Proprietary machine learning algorithms that are finance specific. Our expertise comes from decades of machine learning and financial markets experience.


You control all inputs in the process. helps you integrate machine learning into your process. Create multiple models quickly and easily in the cloud.

Easy to Use

We bridge the gap between machine learning and your finance expertise to enhance portfolio outcomes. No programming knowledge required.


We highlight what factors drove the machine learning decisions and outcomes. Our platform is not a black box.

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What they’re saying about helps us create optimal models to screen for the best ideas in our universe. Our analysis shows that we add more alpha when we combine our conviction—both long and short—with that of the models from Boosted. It has been a predictable, explainable and additive process for our team.

$600 million European based Long/Short Hedge Fund has become an integral part of our team’s research process in identifying equity short positions. The platform is easy to use and efficiently highlights relationships that aren’t always obvious, which allows us to have a first mover advantage in selecting stocks that help us meet our objectives.

Portfolio Manager
$1B US based Long/Short Hedge Fund


November 17th, 2023

How Will Black Friday Impact Your Portfolio?

Black Friday – that time of the year we all start thinking about how we kind of maybe do need an 85” TV – is this week, on Friday November 24. Beyond the electronics purchases we probably shouldn’t make, Black Friday is significant for its impact on the stock market. Given its influence on consumer

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November 17th, 2023

Boosted Insights Product Update: News Summaries Reads The News On Each Stock For You

Earlier this year, we announced a new addition to Boosted Insights – our AI software for investment managers, called Market Trends. Market Trends uses large language models (LLM) to quickly get clients up to date on any market-moving topics as well as seeing which stocks are positively/negatively impacted by macro trends. We are excited to

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October 18th, 2023

Simplifying Investment Management Compliance Requirements Through AI

Today’s asset managers deal with more regulation and compliance in their industry than ever before. Investment managers, who are bound by a fiduciary standard to their customers by the SEC, need to take extra care to ensure they are adhering to these regulations.  Here, we share how the advent of finance-specific AI software has made

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