Machine learning for better investing

We make Boosted Insights - an artificial intelligence software for investment managers to create value in their equity portfolios.

Based on your capital markets expertise, the Boosted Insights platform learns and identifies patterns that generate additional opportunities for institutional investors. No background in coding or data science needed.

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Our Platform: Boosted Insights

Cutting Edge

Proprietary machine learning algorithms that are finance specific. Our expertise comes from decades of machine learning and financial markets experience.


You control all inputs in the process. helps you integrate machine learning into your process. Create multiple models quickly and easily in the cloud.

Easy to Use

We bridge the gap between machine learning and your finance expertise to enhance portfolio outcomes. No programming knowledge required.


We highlight what factors drove the machine learning decisions and outcomes. Our platform is not a black box.

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How It Works


You control all inputs in the process by selecting your investment universe, features, investment horizon, goals, and more.

Choose an index or define stocks that meet your criteria (i.e. sector, market cap, trading volume)

- Financial (i.e. revenue growth, earnings yield, analyst estimates)
- Economic (i.e. GDP, inflation, interest rates)
- Alternative Data (i.e. credit card, store traffic, cell phone)

Choose re-balancing and holding periods

- Returns
- Alpha
- Key performance indicators (i.e. revenues, earnings)
- Volatility

Machine Learning’s proprietary, finance-specific machine learning algorithms identify patterns based on your unique inputs. We also highlight which features drove the machine learning decisions and outcomes.

Idea Generation

Your stock universe is dynamically ranked based on your goals and objectives. Boosted Insights can also explain the top features that drove its decision.

Portfolio Construction

Our advanced portfolio construction tools allow you to implement our machine learning to optimize your portfolio to reduce risk, maximize Sharpe ratio, combine different models or construct your entire portfolio within factor constraints.

Finished Model

A backtested model is created that you can analyze. All client data inputs and models are completely secure in the cloud and accessible only to them.


Augmented Intelligence

Your investing expertise paired with’s proprietary, finance-specific machine learning algorithms lead to improved idea generation, accuracy and risk management for your portfolio.

Predictive Models

Create models using any of our thousands of pre-loaded variables or customize with your own data to optimize your portfolio goals.

Easy To Use

Boosted Insights is accessible to any investment professional, anywhere. No coding, data science or engineering experience required, and no special hardware is needed.

What they’re saying about helps us create optimal models to screen for the best ideas in our universe. Our analysis shows that we add more alpha when we combine our conviction—both long and short—with that of the models from Boosted. It has been a predictable, explainable and additive process for our team.

$600 million European based Long/Short Hedge Fund has become an integral part of our team’s research process in identifying equity short positions. The platform is easy to use and efficiently highlights relationships that aren’t always obvious, which allows us to have a first mover advantage in selecting stocks that help us meet our objectives.

Portfolio Manager
$1B US based Long/Short Hedge Fund


August 16th, 2022

How Investment Managers Hedge Risk (And Why The Best Ones Use Data-Driven AI Strategies)

Ask an investment manager what their number one concern for their portfolio is and the term “risk” is likely to come up. The past few years have shown that capital markets investors must “expect the unexpected”, all the way from black swan events like Covid-19, to social media driven short squeezes, to regime shifts from

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June 15th, 2022

Boosted Insights Product Update: Equity Explorer Offers Unprecedented Explainability For Institutional Investors

One of the biggest challenges with incorporating AI into traditional institutional investing is the lack of transparency behind the machine’s decision-making process. Portfolio managers and analysts have to be able to trust (and explain) all machine recommendations. Here at, we believe investing begins and ends with humans. The context around the machine’s outputs is

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April 28th, 2022

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Making Life Easier For Investment Managers

Predictions for the future can seem fantastical – that is, until they come true. Sure, we may not be flying around in hover cars just yet, but wrist phones, electric vehicles and wireless headphones all seemed like impossibilities at one time too. All that is to say, technology can advance pretty quickly. Forward thinking asset

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