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Your all-in-one generative AI portfolio assistant

Boosted.ai covers your entire investment process including micro, macro and portfolio construction

AI Stock Picker

Boosted.ai uses proprietary algorithms to sort winning stocks from losing ones. Every stock in your universe gets tested against each other variable by variable, helping you isolate high-value trade ideas.

Portfolio Workspaces

Boosted.ai is customizable to your specific portfolio and investment universe. Our algorithm makes personalized recommendations based on your existing holdings, risk profile, and investing style.

AI Stock Research

Cut hours from your research by letting our Large Language Models search tens of thousands of news sources, plus earnings data, and company filings like 10-Ks and 10-Qs. The result is all the information relevant to a stock, distilled into points you can understand in seconds.

Boosted.ai enhances the investment process

The benefits of incorporating AI into your asset management process

Save hours in your research process

Investment managers don’t have time to research every stock in their investable universe in depth. Our platform does the research for you.

  • A deep dive into every stock in your universe
  • The news – summarized for you – across over 60,000+ publications
  • Earnings calls summaries and impact reports

Actionable ideas surfaced daily

Our Ideas page helps you isolate high-value trade ideas faster by combing through data, learning, and highlighting interesting stocks.

  • Buy/sell suggestions based on your investing style
  • Watchlists to monitor the stocks you care about most
  • Backtested with point-in-time data to showcase accurate recommendations over time

Stay ahead of market moving trends

Boosted.ai surfaces the trends that matter to you by trawling hundreds of thousands of articles from 60,000+  news sources, earnings, annual report data, and more. Let AI do the research for you.

  • Validate your investment idea by curating your own custom theme in minutes
  • Lists of positively and negatively related stocks for each news topic and how the theme affects them, with data to back it up
  • Simple breakdown and summary of each theme and its major impacts

Improve portfolio metrics

Our Portfolio Workspaces page showcases your exposure to different risk metrics. Use our portfolio modeling tools to adjust positions and see the effect on portfolio characteristics in real time

  • Portfolio health scores and alerts mean you are always on top of your portfolio
  • Scenario analysis shows how your portfolio’s health score will change if you were to execute hypothetical trades
  • Upload your Investment style to get personalized portfolio recommendations

Make better, data-driven decisions

Our platform analyzes millions of data points and provides you with easy to understand summaries on every stock you care about.

  • Quantitative and qualitative deep dives on 30,000+ equities
  • Over 100 AI strategies provide recommendations across multiple virtual analysts
  • Analyze based on the data that matters to you

Discover Boosted.ai’s Solutions

Boosted.ai serves institutional asset managers and wealth managers, combining micro, macro and portfolio construction into one platform.

For Advisors

Solutions for wealth management to save time in your investment decision making

For Institutional Investors

A virtual AI companion, offering advanced insights into events, accelerating stock research and improving portfolio management.

Our Data Partners

What they’re saying about Boosted.ai

Boosted.ai helps us create optimal models to screen for the best ideas in our universe. Our analysis shows that we add more alpha when we combine our conviction—both long and short—with that of the models from Boosted. It has been a predictable, explainable and additive process for our team.
Partner $600 million European based Long/Short Hedge Fund
Boosted.ai has become an integral part of our team’s research process in identifying equity short positions. The platform is easy to use and efficiently highlights relationships that aren’t always obvious, which allows us to have a first mover advantage in selecting stocks that help us meet our objectives.
Portfolio Manager $1B US based Long/Short Hedge Fund