provides you with the data and insights that matter to you

AI monitors market events and surfaces how they affect the stocks you care about most

Select an entire stock universe or just a few stocks that you cover

Tell what matters to you and it will give deep analysis on the stocks you watch regularly. It will also summarize market moving topics that impact them.

Your generative AI assistant processes important events and news for you

See how each stock is affected by a market theme and get a point summary of news and earnings reports. Summaries enable you to focus on only what matters the most, accelerating research and decision making.

Stay in the know, always

Our generative AI is constantly digesting new information to ensure you are up to date and armed with actionable insights.  Receive constantly updated new information to ensure you are up to date and armed with actionable insights.

Streamline your research process

All the news that affects the market, neatly summarized by AI.

Macro themes affecting you

A list of all the news themes affecting the world - and your portfolio - along with their news “heat”, the volatility of stocks that fit the theme, and the performance of stocks related to the theme.

Custom themes put you in control

Input the news and trends you care about, and our LLM will provide a summary within minutes. All the news on any idea you have, compiled for you, to save you hours of research time.

Sector level performance

Each macro trend is related to one or multiple sectors. Easily see how this trend impacts the sector’s overall performance.

Earnings Summaries saves you hours, using large language models to recap every report, including common remarks, new and dropped remarks, and analyst Q&A summaries.

Early warnings for calls that can impact your holdings

Your holdings can easily be impacted by dozens of other companies’ earnings calls. Artificial intelligence finds both common sense and non-intuitive stocks that can be affected, paired with plain language insights as to why.

Summarized earnings calls

Earnings season can get noisy quickly. Succinct and to-the-point wrap ups, powered by LLM, point you directly to what matters. Save 25 hours of research time per quarter with this revolutionary step forward.

Analyst questions and their answers.

Know what questions the analysts asked, the responses given and whether the answer is positive, negative or neutral to expected performance.

Everything you need to know about what might impact your individual stocks, along with graphs that map their frequency, importance and the stock’s price.

Every news item affecting stock price sorts from 60,000+ news sources - ensuring only legitimate sources make it through - to surface everything relevant to an individual stock.

Ranked by authority

Our summaries rank news based on the publisher’s reputation, ensuring you get the most credible information.

Know what the street is talking about

LLM sorts the news about a stock into topics and highlights how many articles that topic is featured in. Understand exactly what’s top of mind for analysts to make decisions faster.