How enhances your investment decisions

Incorporating AI into your stock picking process is simple and efficient learns your investment style

Upload your investment style and risk preferences to to ensure you can easily prioritize ideas that fit your mandate.

AI-powered strategies that work for you.

Select from our list of strategies that act as virtual analysts across all investment styles. These are created by data scientists and powered by finance-specific algorithms.

Get ideas that match your preferences produces a list of suggested trades that fit your investment style. Directly trade the ideas or use them as a springboard for further research.

Monitor your universe.

Create watchlists to monitor your universe across all your AI-strategies. Understand the qualitative and quantitative impacts to your stocks at a glance, and never miss a rating change or potential regime shift.

Get ideas that match your preferences

Our AI surfaces interesting stocks that drive new ideas for your portfolios

Actionable ideas for your portfolio.

Weekly or daily recommendations that match your investment style with plain language explanations.

Fast idea assessment.

Every stock is rated based on fundamental, macro and technical factors and shows the stock’s predicted excess return. Understand at a glance what ideas work for you.

Easy to understand

All ideas are explained in plain language, powered by large language models and the stock’s 10-K and 10-Q reports. Additionally, every idea shows the rating, risk / reward profile and dividend yield of the stock.

Our stock deep dives arm you with all the information you need, with the simplicity you want. Unparalleled clarity on everything that matters about an individual stock

Data-driven takeaways

Our stock one pagers give you the data-driven lens investors demand, powered by our data partnerships that include everything you need to know about a stock. News, price movements, earnings reports, AI strategies and more.

AI you can understand

Every stock showcases plain language pros and cons, sourced from its 10-K and 10-Q reports, macro themes that can have an impact on its performance (positively or negatively), and the consensus of every AI strategy’s recommendation. It's big data, distilled to work for your needs.

Performance you can trust

Track how well recommendations predicted stock performance and how the stock has done vs. its benchmark to quickly and easily evaluate the AIs performance.

Enhance your daily workflow through comprehensive, AI-powered monitoring of stocks that you care about

The wisdom of the crowd

Every type of strategy is at your disposal or create your own to match your style. Insights from multiple strategies, on one screen, show what every viewpoint thinks of your stock.

Construct comprehensive watchlists

Monitor every stock you care about from one screen so you can always be on top of your universe. Create multiple lists to split up watchlists according to your needs.

Updates as you need them

Access strategies that are running live, so you can get updates as often as you want (daily / weekly / monthly). Constantly refreshed information means fewer surprises for you and your portfolio