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February 28th, 2024

Boosted Insights Product Update: AI ETF Insights – A Game-Changer for ETF Investors

We built Boosted Insights as a quant tool for fundamental users – prior to our Boosted Insights 3.0 launch, we were primarily a single-stock, bottom-up AI analysis and research tool. As we have expanded and grown, we have seen a huge influx of users who want AI insights but only, or primarily, engage in ETF

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December 13th, 2023

AAPL operational challenges: How AI gives investors first-mover advantage on the news 

In asset management, the ability to gain insights from breaking news ahead of your competition is indispensable. By leveraging AI, which is capable of analyzing datasets comprising tens of thousands of news sources, investment managers can navigate the complexities of big data, and can swiftly identify impactful trends and critical information as they happen. This

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November 17th, 2023

How Will Black Friday Impact Your Portfolio?

Black Friday – that time of the year we all start thinking about how we kind of maybe do need an 85” TV – is this week, on Friday November 24. Beyond the electronics purchases we probably shouldn’t make, Black Friday is significant for its impact on the stock market. Given its influence on consumer

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November 17th, 2023

Boosted Insights Product Update: News Summaries Reads The News On Each Stock For You

Earlier this year, we announced a new addition to Boosted Insights – our AI software for investment managers, called Market Trends. Market Trends uses large language models (LLM) to quickly get clients up to date on any market-moving topics as well as seeing which stocks are positively/negatively impacted by macro trends. We are excited to

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October 18th, 2023

Simplifying Investment Management Compliance Requirements Through AI

Today’s asset managers deal with more regulation and compliance in their industry than ever before. Investment managers, who are bound by a fiduciary standard to their customers by the SEC, need to take extra care to ensure they are adhering to these regulations.  Here, we share how the advent of finance-specific AI software has made

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September 5th, 2023

Introducing Boosted Insights 3.0: Supercharging Your Productivity With Our All-in-One AI Portfolio Assistant

Boosted.ai began with a mission: to create the most loved and widely used AI tool for asset management. Since 2017, when we started Boosted.ai, we have aimed to make Boosted Insights – our AI software for investment managers, an easy-to-use tool masking serious complexity and computational power. I am thrilled to unveil Boosted Insights 3.0

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August 22nd, 2023

Three Ways AI is Disrupting Investment Management

Most investment managers would try almost anything to get a little more return for their portfolios – from the adoption of computers for data analysis to algorithmic trading, asset managers have embraced innovation to stay ahead. As we step into the age of artificial intelligence, investment management is on the brink of another transformative phase.

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July 19th, 2023

ChatGPT and AI in Investment Management

In November of last year, OpenAI launched ChatGPT, their artificial intelligence chatbot trained to read a user’s prompt and provide a detailed response. Despite the company’s lack of any real kind of marketing push for the launch, ChatGPT became the fastest growing consumer internet app ever, reaching over 100M unique users in just two months.

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July 11th, 2023

Boosted.ai Is One of CB Insights’ AI 100

I am thrilled to announce that Boosted.ai was selected by CB Insights as one of the 100 most promising private AI companies in the world. It is a privilege to see validation of our central thesis: that investment manager’s intuition and capital markets experience, plus the power of big data and artificial intelligence, combine to

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June 21st, 2023

Boosted Insights Product Update: Equity Info Pages Give Users AI-Powered, Data-Rich Insights In One Glance

There are many characteristics that unify our user base of forward thinking asset managers, but none more so than the fact they are extremely time constrained. Portfolio managers simply do not have time to pore over every piece of data on every stock within their universes. Time and time again, our users have told us

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April 19th, 2023

Announcing Boosted Insights, Now Available on Eze Marketplace

I am pleased to announce we will be expanding the footprint of Boosted Insights – our AI platform purpose-built for investment professionals – to SS&C clients, using Eze Eclipse and Eze OMS. This strategic partnership will allow clients of SS&C – through Eze Marketplace – to access features like: Our Boosted.ai Rankings widget that presents

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March 7th, 2023

Boosted.ai 2.0 – AI-Powered Stock Insights, Easier Than Ever

We have spent years honing Boosted Insights – our artificial intelligence platform purpose build for asset managers – based on client feedback. We’ve made explainable, glass-box improvements to help asset managers have complete clarity into all trade recommendations, we’ve added smart hedge baskets that incorporate data-driven AI into the process, and we created stock one-pagers

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February 23rd, 2023

Webinar Recap: The Future of AI and Investment Management: Advances to Look out for in 2023

Joshua Pantony, co-founder and CEO of Boosted.ai recently led a webinar titled, “The Future of AI and Investment Management: Advances to Look Out for in 2023”. Josh’s background in AI and machine learning started at the University of Waterloo where he co-founded his first company, Maluuba. Maluuba developed a virtual assistant, like Siri, that, at

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February 17th, 2023

How No-Code AI Tools Help Investment Advisors Grow Their Book

Investment advisors and wealth managers – like institutional investors – know that using AI can benefit their business. In fact, research by Accenture found that almost every advisor surveyed (97%) believes that AI can help grow their book of business organically by more than 20%. The problem is that half of those advisors said their

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August 16th, 2022

How Investment Managers Hedge Risk (And Why The Best Ones Use Data-Driven AI Strategies)

Ask an investment manager what their number one concern for their portfolio is and the term “risk” is likely to come up. The past few years have shown that capital markets investors must “expect the unexpected”, all the way from black swan events like Covid-19, to social media driven short squeezes, to regime shifts from

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June 15th, 2022

Boosted Insights Product Update: Equity Explorer Offers Unprecedented Explainability For Institutional Investors

One of the biggest challenges with incorporating AI into traditional institutional investing is the lack of transparency behind the machine’s decision-making process. Portfolio managers and analysts have to be able to trust (and explain) all machine recommendations. Here at Boosted.ai, we believe investing begins and ends with humans. The context around the machine’s outputs is

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April 28th, 2022

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Making Life Easier For Investment Managers

Predictions for the future can seem fantastical – that is, until they come true. Sure, we may not be flying around in hover cars just yet, but wrist phones, electric vehicles and wireless headphones all seemed like impossibilities at one time too. All that is to say, technology can advance pretty quickly. Forward thinking asset

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March 31st, 2022

‘No-Code’ Tools Let All Investment Managers Seize The Power Of AI For Their Equity Portfolios

Every business leader wants to command a data-driven enterprise. Considering the sheer volume of data available to us today, it seems simple enough. However, for those of us old enough to remember floppy disks, it can be staggering to consider that data is now measured in petabytes, exabytes and zettabytes (a petabyte is 1000 terabytes

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February 25th, 2022

Boosted Insights Product Update: AI-Powered Hedge Baskets For Investment Managers

Every investment manager needs to hedge their portfolio against possible adverse stock price movements (especially with so much volatility these days!). There are a myriad of possible ways an asset manager could hedge their portfolio (through derivatives, through ETFs, even through individual securities), but they all involve a risk reward tradeoff. A perfect hedge –

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February 16th, 2022

5 Common Misconceptions About AI For Investment Management

Technology is advancing at breakneck speeds. We might not be flying in hover cars just yet, but self-driving vehicles, talking robots and intelligent appliances are all very much tech we enjoy today. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are drivers of that technological shift, but it can be difficult to separate fact from science fiction when

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January 14th, 2022

Using Artificial Intelligence to Save Equity Portfolios During This Quantpocalypse

What investment manager wouldn’t love a crystal ball? Something to warn them when black swan events like Covid-19 hit, and one that can alert them when things like GME or vaccine news can shift the market. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence is not a magic wand, but making efficient use of the vast swaths

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January 12th, 2022

Boosted.ai Raises $35 Million in Series B Funding

The world’s asset managers have never been as focused as they are today on bringing AI to their investment processes, but the technology remains in its infancy. Boosted.ai is helping firms that span all levels of machine learning capabilities – from those that have never used AI to sophisticated quants, we’re proud of how Boosted

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December 2nd, 2021

5 Tips For Building Artificial Intelligence Models For Investment Management

Here at Boosted.ai, we speak to a variety of potential users of our artificial intelligence investment management software and many traditional investor’s first statement is something along the lines of “Sure, artificial intelligence is interesting, but how would I use it?”. It is a topic we covered that in a previous post, but to recap,

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November 29th, 2021

Recapping Our Latest Roundtable: Active Vs. Passive and the Future of ETFs

Some would say that the last few decades in the investing world have been defined by the rise of the index fund. But at the same time, active managers still hold a great deal of power in the market, especially at the institutional investment level. Most recently, the market has seen an uptick in what

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November 10th, 2021

Boosted Insights Product Update: Stock One-Pagers Give Insight Into Your AI-Powered Equity Selection

We know that institutional investors are short on time and need their data-driven insights to be understandable both from a high-level view and in deeper detail. As a complement to our Portfolio One-Pagers, we are proud to release Stock One-Pagers. These fact-filled pages illustrate how the asset manager’s machine learning model thinks of every equity

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October 27th, 2021

Using APIs to Assist in Implementing Artificial Intelligence to your Stock Picking Process

APIs – it stands for application programming interface(s) – can sound very complicated, but they are merely a way to take complex data and put it into a format that matches your existing process. Using APIs can help investment managers implement artificial intelligence in a way that works for them. If using AI and machine

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September 30th, 2021

Webinar Recap: AI-Driven Investment Strategies For Traditional Investors

In a recent webinar, Erik McBain, Director of Growth at Boosted.ai, shared his latest insights into the shifting investment landscape and how AI will continue to impact the institutional investment and asset management industry. Changing Industries and the Universal Adoption of AI As artificial intelligence evolves and becomes increasingly efficient, various industries have begun to

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September 24th, 2021

Boosted Insights Product Update: Heat Maps Give Instant Feedback On Your AI Investment Management Models

We know that asset managers are incredibly strapped for time. From the morning meeting at 7:00 a.m. until well after markets close, an investment manager’s day is non-stop. We have heard from investment managers that they know AI is interesting, but they’re not sure how they might integrate it into their process – not only

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September 17th, 2021

Boosted Insights Product Update: Semantic Risk Factors Use NLP To Help Asset Managers Understand Their AI Models

Machine learning for asset management has a lot of moving pieces: portfolio allocation, risk management, and ensuring that any predictions the machine makes are explainable to different stakeholders are just a few things investment managers have to think of when creating their ML portfolio models. Using statistical techniques to summarize and explain complex market movements

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September 10th, 2021

A Breakdown of Asset Manager Strategies (Spoiler: The Best Ones Use Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of digital transformation for investment management. We have previously discussed ways folks can use AI in their institutional investing strategies. And though there are a lot of applications of AI and machine learning, they ultimately boil down to finding a way to interpret the vast amounts of data that

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August 9th, 2021

Boosted Insights Product Update: Portfolio One Pagers Help Incorporate AI Into Your Daily Stock Picking Process

Something we have heard from fundamental asset managers is that artificial intelligence is interesting, but it is difficult to incorporate it into their process. We wrote a post about different ways investment managers can begin implementing AI here, but we’re also always trying to make our product, Boosted Insights, better and more easily consolidated into

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August 4th, 2021

Asset Managers Need Explainable AI. But What Is It, And How Can I Incorporate It Into My Process?

There are a lot of acronyms for asset managers to keep up with. ESG. EBITDA. COGS. Any institutional investors looking to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their process should be aware of another important acronym: XAI. XAI, or explainable AI, is critical for asset managers to explain artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) decisions to

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July 28th, 2021

Boosted Insights Product Update: Rankings v2 Improves Our Explainable AI For Institutional Investors

Something we at Boosted.ai have learned from our clients is that for institutional investors, explainable AI is not a nice-to-have, it is a must. In order to pass muster for asset managers, any reason our machine learning algorithms make decisions must be transparent to their stakeholders. We like to think of our machine learning algorithms

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June 28th, 2021

Webinar Recap: Faster, Smarter Decisions with Explainable AI in Stock Prediction

As the adoption of new technology in investment management continues to grow, AI-based insights have proven invaluable for investment managers seeking to add additional alpha to their portfolios. However, one deterrent to fully embracing AI is the ‘black box’ nature of core machine learning systems. Boosted.ai CEO Josh Pantony recently sat down for a webinar

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June 18th, 2021

Boosted Insights Product Update: Factor Timing Broadens Our AI Comparison Features

AI for asset management is a new and exciting field. It’s also pretty complex to understand. At Boosted.ai, we endeavour to make artificial intelligence for investment management as simple and point-and-click as possible, while still offering the powerful machine learning that institutional investors require to succeed. However, we have found that “show, don’t tell” tends

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June 1st, 2021

Beating The Benchmark: How Our AI Powered Portfolios Have Outperformed IWB Since September 2020

Executive Summary Using AI can help asset managers find performance within their own portfolios Risk factor constraints and AI portfolio optimizers are one of the ways to utilize machine learning today Our portfolio with factor constraints has outperformed IWB by 29.33 percentage points since September 2020 Our AI portfolio without factor constraints has still beaten

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May 31st, 2021

Webinar Recap: How to Adapt Alternative Data to Asset Management

Institutional asset management is under pressure – fee compression, shifting investor sentiment and technological advances are placing demands on portfolio managers to find new ways to deliver value to investors. A massive explosion of alternative data has started to appear over the last several years and is likely to continue to accelerate over the next

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May 19th, 2021

Boosted Insights Product Update: Feature Importance Offers Deeper Understanding of Your AI Asset Management Models

As the adoption of new technology in investment management continues to grow, AI based insights have proven invaluable for investment managers seeking to add additional alpha to their portfolios. However, one deterrent in fully embracing AI is the need to explain AI-based decisions to stakeholders. Fund managers cannot use black box algorithms that don’t give

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May 13th, 2021

Using Artificial Intelligence Optimizers To Reduce Turnover and Volatility For Institutional Investors

Executive Summary: Artificial intelligence portfolio optimizations can help institutional investors with volatility and turnover portfolio needs Significant reductions in volatility and turnover can come at only minor reductions to return (and sometimes improvements in other metrics like Sharpe and alpha) Our optimizers led to a 576 bps drop in volatility, a 92.26 percentage point drop

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April 28th, 2021

Recapping Machine Learning and AI: An Investment Perspective, Presented by Boosted.ai and Rise New York

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming nearly every aspect of the financial services industry, with companies that offer data-centric and machine learning-related tools changing how trillions of dollars are managed worldwide. As investment models increasingly depend on data, key players in the industry are discovering the value of using artificial intelligence. The expansion of

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April 12th, 2021

ChinaAMC Integrates Machine Learning Solutions from Boosted.ai into Investment Process

Implementation brings performant, explainable AI to one of China’s largest asset managers Boosted.ai, the leading distributed machine learning platform for global investment professionals, today announced it will provide its machine learning platform, Boosted Insights, to China Asset Management Co., Ltd. (ChinaAMC), one of the largest fund management firms in China ($245.5B AUM as of December 31,

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March 29th, 2021

AI For Asset Management Is Interesting. But How Can I Use It?

The ever advancing push of technology is remarkable. The first iPhone only came out in 2007. iPads were even later to join the party, coming out in 2010. In 2009, people were still using Netflix (in Canada) to order DVDs. Things that people once thought were indispensable become relics (hello, Panasonic Shockwave!) and things that

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March 22nd, 2021

Another Predictive Use of AI for Investment Managers: Factor Timing

Executive Summary Factor timing is a very predictive use of machine learning for investment managers Utilizing factor timing can help flag signals on momentum, value, volatility and other factors Our machine learning surfaced the switch to Value over Momentum in early 2021 Capital markets expertise is still needed to glean the most value from the

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February 24th, 2021

How Boosted.ai Uses Machine Learning to Help You Generate Stock Ideas

Curious about machine learning for investment management? Check out this infographic, which illustrates how Boosted.ai combines your capital markets expertise with big data, adds our proprietary, finance-specific machine learning algorithms and then generates ideas for your portfolio.  Our machine learning takes your inputs and works to create a dynamically ranked list of stocks that can

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February 12th, 2021

Driving AI Success In Investment Management With Factor Timing

Executive Summary Machine learning in investment management works very well on bottom-up fundamental analysis Using artificial intelligence to practice factor timing is also predictive Factor timing aggregates the star rankings and factor scores the machine learning assigns to each equity in a user’s stock universe Our AI factor timing led to average returns of +1.42%

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February 3rd, 2021

What is Quantamental Investing and How Can it Make Me a Better Asset Manager?

Cromulent. Embiggens. Quantamental. They all sound made up, right? Strangely, some investors might be more familiar with the first two terms (Simpsons references all the way from the 1990s) than the last. Quantamental is a portmanteau, combining quantitative and fundamental asset management styles, for the best that both strategies have to offer. Quantitative Challenges Quantitative

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January 29th, 2021

How To Avoid Short Blow-Ups Using Machine Learning Risk Factor Constraints

GME’s Rise It’s no secret trends come in waves. Right now, the 90’s are back in a big way. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saved by the Bell and Sex and the City have all gotten reboots, kids are dressing like they’re en route to a Counting Crows concert, and GameStop (GME) – that place actual

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December 7th, 2020

Recapping The Crux Summit Fall 2020: The Future of the Data Supply Chain

  Financial services companies have spent billions of dollars and countless hours reinforcing and protecting their data infrastructures in a costly and inefficient manner. As we enter an era that will continue this trend and rely on data more than ever before, we are seeing a new data supply chain emerge to help companies access,

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December 1st, 2020

Navigating the Quant Shock: How Machine Learning Can Help Portfolios Through Regime Shifts

Regime Shifts and Quant Portfolios Machine learning can be useful for a lot of things – picking out movies to suggest, performing live translation, even (one day) fully self-driving cars. In investment and finance, the application of machine learning is still relatively new, but it offers exciting results, especially in the age of uncertainty we

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November 20th, 2020

Boosted.ai Featured in TabbForum on the Three Top Downfalls of Quant Investors

Why do some quant strategies fail? It has to do with all of the human decisions that go into setting up the machine.

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August 26th, 2020

Boosted.ai Featured in Waters Technology on Navigating COVID-19 Risks

How can you measure and predict the effects of something that hasn’t happened in a century?

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August 26th, 2020

Understanding the Machine: The Importance of Relative Valuation

The rise of the machines: not just the lukewarm third installment of the Terminator series, but also, the ominous headline nearly every publication uses when writing about machine learning.

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August 26th, 2020

Boosted.ai Raises $8 Million to Bring Artificial Intelligence To Investment Management

We are thrilled to announce that we recently closed an $8 million USD Series A financing round, led by Portag3 Ventures.

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August 26th, 2020

Portfolio Construction and the COVID Cluster

· While we do not have a crystal ball and cannot know which stocks will become most impacted by some future event, we offer a solution of how to mitigate this problem by using the example of the COVID cluster of stocks. · Using advanced machine learning techniques, we can create portfolios with increased resilience

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August 26th, 2020

Modelling The Coronavirus Risk Factor & Neutralizing It

Nobody can tell the future. Six months ago, I would have never guessed (even for April Fool’s Day) that we would find ourselves here, in a real-life version of the film Contagion. Modelling a black swan event like COVID-19 with traditional quantitative techniques is extremely difficult, due precisely to any black swan event’s inherent unpredictability.

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