How helps fundamental managers drive AI success is your personal data scientist

Up to date quantitative and qualitative deep dives on every stock and market trend you care about keep you informed at all times

Dynamic synergy through augmented intelligence

Your capital markets experience and preferences powers our machine learning to deliver data driven opportunities specific to you.

Custom AI models on cruise control

Drive solo or let our customer success team guide you through the model building process – either way, it’s your decision. 

Drive success for your portfolio

Implement to do the monotonous work so you can focus on what you do best.

How helps quants build an AI advantage

A powerful machine learning tool in your arsenal gives you vital insight into your strategies and another proven, data-driven way to enhance your performance.

Data scientist approved testing capability for your strategies

Our intuitive UI allows you to run as many backtests as you need to prove (or disprove) a theory.

Decades of industry-leading machine learning and capital markets experience

Our co-founders quickly realized you can’t use existing machine learning algorithms in capital markets prediction, so they built their own finance-specific solution.

How helps enterprise launch AI-powered products

Thematic AI-powered investment vehicles to offer investors

Investors want the future. Give them what they want with artificial intelligence, through your existing distribution network.

Active ETFs with passive fees puts the active in active ETFs – all according to your own parameters. Portfolio managers can stay as involved as they want to be.

Launch more products, faster, with our AI equity investment management tools

Rebrand an existing portfolio, or launch a new one. Our software allows your portfolio managers to work more efficiently to get more investment vehicles to market.

What our clients are saying

We selected to provide us with finance-specific machine learning algorithms as we share a similar vision of how explainable AI will improve the day-to-day decisions made by asset managers around the world.”
Dr. Bill Chen, Chief Data Officer and CTO China AMC
It is inherently difficult for financial firms to build a central repository of machine learning knowledge, which is one of the main reasons why only a handful of managers can claim to power their investment processes through AI. is becoming a necessary nucleus for machine learning expertise within asset management.
Santo Politi, General Partner Spark Capital helps us create optimal models to screen for the best ideas in our universe. Our analysis shows that we add more alpha when we combine our conviction—both long and short—with that of the models from Boosted. It has been a predictable, explainable and additive process for our team.
Partner $600 million European based Long/Short Hedge Fund has become an integral part of our team’s research process in identifying equity short positions. The platform is easy to use and efficiently highlights relationships that aren’t always obvious, which allows us to have a first mover advantage in selecting stocks that help us meet our objectives.
Portfolio Manager $1B US based Long/Short Hedge Fund