February 28th, 2024

Boosted Insights Product Update: AI ETF Insights – A Game-Changer for ETF Investors

Written By: Nick Abe

We built Boosted Insights as a quant tool for fundamental users – prior to our Boosted Insights 3.0 launch, we were primarily a single-stock, bottom-up AI analysis and research tool. As we have expanded and grown, we have seen a huge influx of users who want AI insights but only, or primarily, engage in ETF trading. We are thrilled to announce a major enhancement to Boosted Insights: we’re extending our capabilities to cover the entire spectrum of investment preferences—whether you’re a single-stock investment manager, an ETF-only investor, or someone who dabbles in both, Boosted Insights works for your needs. 

How ETF Investors Can Leverage The Power of AI

Evaluate ETFs

With Boosted Insights, investors can uncover the details of any ETF to ensure their risk profiles and metrics (such as expense ratio, consensus price target, and more) align with their unique investment style. 

For each of the globally listed equity ETFs (over 2,000 in the US alone) available on the platform, users can gain a comprehensive summary of an ETF’s total risk and sector exposures, and delve into its historical performance against various benchmarks. The impact of each holding on overall performance is uncovered, and users can explore point-in-time reports detailing the ETF’s exposure to different risk factors.

Our proprietary AI algorithms rank each ETF against each other and make recommendations based on an investor’s preferences and existing portfolio. Investors can even compare ETF ratings against stock ratings to determine the best path forward.

Stay Informed on ETFs

Our Boosted Insight’s LLM (large language model) reads the news from over 100,000 news sources and summarizes pertinent market-moving information, allowing investors to keep their finger on the pulse of market trends affecting ETFs. Our platform provides a holistic view of the forces impacting ETFs, empowering investors with crucial information for informed decision-making. For each market trend, we summarize the relevant information and highlight the ETFs and stocks that could be positively or negatively impacted. 

For any individual ETF, users can dive in and see exactly which themes and news stories are impacting performance, allowing for time-savings, enhanced decision-making, and improved client communications. Investors can also add ETFs they’re interested in to a customizable watchlist, so they can easily track any changes in the ETFs rating or in Boosted Insight’s recommendation.

Optimize ETF Portfolios

Boosted’s Portfolio Workspaces for ETFs unlock unparalleled insights into the exposure of an ETF portfolio. Investment managers can quickly identify the holdings that contribute the most to performance and receive AI-driven recommendations tailored to their investing style and preferences. 

Additionally, scenario analysis tools allow investors to explore different buy/sell scenarios to understand how hypothetical trades could impact their portfolio before making final decisions. Portfolios are assigned a health score based on a user’s preferences and goals and Boosted Insights displays the portfolio scores for users before and after any potential trade.


With the addition of ETFs into Boosted Insights, ETF investors can now harness the power of AI for the first time. Our platform enables users to evaluate, stay informed about, and optimize ETF portfolios, aligning with their specific investment mandates. These features aren’t exclusive to ETF enthusiasts; they seamlessly integrate with the preferences of users who trade both single stocks and ETFs. Want to see how using AI can help you improve your ETF portfolios? Fill out our demo form here.

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