August 26th, 2020 Featured in Waters Technology on Navigating COVID-19 Risks

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How can you measure and predict the effects of something that hasn’t happened in a century? That was the task every portfolio manager had to deal with this year, when COVID-19 risks suddenly broadsided their portfolios.

Joshua Pantony,’s CEO, recently sat down for a virtual meeting with WatersTechnology to explore how machine learning was able to augment risk management strategies during the pandemic. One of the key machine-driven elements that clients have been leaning on since March is topic embedding – a technique that lets models identify novel correlations. By using a machine to build a web with limitless data points, portfolio managers can better minimize COVID-19 risks and other risk exposures and ensure portfolio success.

Machine learning proved critical for investors during this year’s global crisis, and we expect it to be even more crucial in the next one.

To read the full article, visit WatersTechnology here.

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