November 17th, 2023

Boosted Insights Product Update: News Summaries Reads The News On Each Stock For You

Written By: Nick Abe

Earlier this year, we announced a new addition to Boosted Insights – our AI software for investment managers, called Market Trends. Market Trends uses large language models (LLM) to quickly get clients up to date on any market-moving topics as well as seeing which stocks are positively/negatively impacted by macro trends. We are excited to announce that we’ve  expanded the capabilities of our LLM and generative AI within Boosted Insights even further, now providing the same in-depth information for single stocks.

Our News Summaries feature saves investment managers time. This is AI that reads the news for you – finding all the news trends, macro themes and individual articles that impact the stocks you care about. 

Single stock news summaries put an entire world of information at your fingertips

The first thing an investment manager sees when they navigate to our News Summaries page for a specific stock is a brief summary outlining the major stories impacting the company. In the example below, the summary highlights the major news surrounding Tesla over the last month. At a glance, the asset manager gets an overview of the top stories, how those stories have impacted the stock, when each story occurred, and how many total articles were analyzed to generate the summary. In this case, we can see that over the last month Tesla had both negative and positive stories written about it, leading to stock price fluctuations. Putting all this information in an investment manager’s hands – instantaneously – arms them with the info they need to speak confidently about any stock in their portfolio (or any they might consider adding or shorting).

Trusted sources give you confidence and transparency

Of course, before acting on any information, it’s important for investment managers to know where any news story is coming from. We pull from 70,000+ news sources to collate this data, combing through them to ensure trusted sources have much higher value. Our News Sources section provides an overview of which publications have written the most about this stock, and how many articles from each source were used in the analysis. Users can quickly see if the news is from reputable sources. Regardless, our language model places an emphasis on news from top publications, with articles from less reputable sources being given significantly less weight when conducting the summary and analysis of the news. Interestingly, this doesn’t mean an asset manager will only see venerated business news sources here – a story impacting, say, Gap Inc. (GPS) or Target Corp (TGT), might appear from Vogue, and a story impacting, say Madison Square Garden Sports Corp (MSGS) could come from a trade publication. What’s important here is that only news that is impactful is shown and that the source is completely transparent, giving our clients trust in the output. 

News interest showcases how much a news topic moves a stock’s price 

The Stock News Interest Over Time chart gives users an easy to read graphic, showing them when major stories occurred, and how they impacted the stock price. In the chart below, Tesla’s stock price was impacted negatively by Stock Performance Issues articles that came out on October 19th.  It also shows that a few weeks later, the price increased as more favorable articles about Tesla were published including their autopilot crash lawsuit victory and an announcement of Cybertruck deliveries in November. With this chart, users can quickly understand what has caused recent fluctuations in every stock’s price. 

Trending news highlights all the news that matters to a stock 

For users that need more detailed information on each trend impacting a stock, Boosted Insights includes a Trending Stock News table. Here, investment managers can see each trend, how it’s projected to impact the stock, how many articles discuss this trend, when the last article about it was published, and how many articles come from top sources. 

By selecting a trend from the table, users can continue their research, getting an AI-generated summary on that trend as well as a list of the articles (with links included) the model used in its analysis.


News Summaries are a huge time saver for investment managers. Using the power of large language models that read the news for them, asset managers can understand everything impacting a stock quickly and efficiently. Not only do our News Summaries shave hours of tedious research from their day, having access to these high-level overviews makes managers better informed to make data-driven decisions. Interested to see this, and other ways AI increases your efficiency as an asset manager? Get in touch with us here to learn more.

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