April 19th, 2023

Announcing Boosted Insights, Now Available on Eze Marketplace

Written By: Joshua Pantony

I am pleased to announce we will be expanding the footprint of Boosted Insights – our AI platform purpose-built for investment professionals – to SS&C clients, using Eze Eclipse and Eze OMS. This strategic partnership will allow clients of SS&C – through Eze Marketplace – to access features like:

  • Our Boosted.ai Rankings widget that presents a wide array of AI insights and recommendations for stock picking across multiple strategies.
  • An easy drill down into details behind Boosted.ai’s recommendations to surface insights and uncover common patterns.
  • SS&C Eze users can utilize Boosted Insights’ finance-specific algorithms and portfolio construction capabilities to add alpha to portfolios. Boosted.ai’s platform accounts for and normalizes noisy data, non-stationarity, and other biases common in capital markets.
  • Boosted Insights’ optional hedge basket module provides data-driven hedges that help institutional investors avoid overexposure, protect against downside, reduce volatility and beta in their portfolios and generate higher portfolio returns than simple beta hedges

Partnering with innovators like SS&C Eze helps Boosted.ai continue to push toward our goal of helping asset managers make better, data-driven investment decisions. Read more here.

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