June 15th, 2022

Press Release: Boosted.ai Releases Equity Explorer for Boosted Insights

Written By: Fraser Abe

Product Upgrade Brings Explainable AI to Asset Managers

NEW YORK & TORONTO – JUNE 15, 2022 – Boosted.ai, the leading distributed machine learning platform for global investment professionals, today announced the release of Equity Explorer, a product upgrade to Boosted Insights that brings fully explainable artificial intelligence (AI) to portfolio managers.

Equity Explorer is the first research tool to allow institutional investors to fully understand what patterns and features are being evaluated by machine learning algorithms during the stock selection process. While Boosted Insights has historically explained stock picks by highlighting key features, Equity Explorer now breaks down specific patterns and combinations of patterns, giving users a more comprehensive understanding of the decisions being made by AI when picking stocks.

“Even as artificial intelligence and big data play an ever-greater role in investing, we believe that good investment decisions begin and end with humans. Human investors require context just as much as they require answers, which is why we’re excited to launch Equity Explorer and bring increasingly explainable AI to the world’s investment managers,” said Joshua Pantony, Co-Founder and CEO of Boosted.ai. “Our mission is to democratize machine learning for investing in a way that can be understood by all portfolio managers. We need to work alongside AI, not against it.”

With less ambiguity and greater explainability, investors can use Equity Explorer to generate new ideas, enjoy stronger market awareness, and more accurately screen stocks:

  • Idea Generation: Equity Explorer provides details on combinations of features and feature criteria that ultimately lead to buy or sell signals, which investors can then evaluate and incorporate into their investment thesis.
  • Market Awareness: Equity Explorer surfaces discrepancies between historic and live data – indicators for changes in market conditions that may go unnoticed by the human eye.
  • Stock Screening: Once a desirable pattern has been discovered through Equity Explorer, users can easily discover new investment opportunities that follow the same target.

One of the largest remaining challenges when incorporating AI into institutional investing is a lack of transparency behind a machine’s decision-making process. By bringing increased transparency to machine-driven ideas, Boosted.ai gives investors greater confidence to make investment decisions through a combination of machine learning and their own capital markets expertise.

About Boosted.ai

Boosted.ai is an artificial intelligence company that enhances portfolio management outcomes for the global financial industry through distributed machine learning. Co-founded by Joshua Pantony, Jon Dorando and Nicholas Abe in 2017, the company and its proprietary web-based platform, Boosted Insights, bring advanced quantitative investing techniques to portfolio managers, without requiring any coding or data science background. Headquartered in Toronto and New York City, Boosted.ai is backed by Portage Ventures, Ten Coves Capital, Spark Capital and other leading investors. Learn more at boosted.ai and follow us on LinkedIn.


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