AI-Powered Hedge Baskets and Alternative Data To Control Risk In Your Investment Portfolios

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The problem with most hedge baskets as they exist today is that they are either based on broad indexes, so they are not alpha generative, or are outsourced, so multiple asset manager clients may end up with similar baskets. This puts portfolio managers at a distinct disadvantage over those that are able to create data-driven, intelligent, customized hedge baskets.

Boosted Insight’s Hedge Baskets enables asset managers to generate hedges distinct to their portfolio – Hedge Baskets uses AI to create unique, data-driven, smart hedges, giving investment managers total control and visibility over the process.

In this joint webinar with S3 Partners, we will discuss how investment managers can seize on the power of data-driven AI and alternative data to control their portfolio risks.

You will learn:
● Why standard hedge baskets don’t help most investment managers
● How creating your own data-driven smart hedges improves portfolio results
● How pairing AI with alternative data (like S3 Partners’) boosts the performance of ML models

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