AI use cases in asset management: creating thematic investment products

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Thematic investing is nothing new for institutional investors – indeed, the first iterations of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investments began in the 1960s with “socially responsible” portfolios that eschewed things like tobacco stocks. Now, as choice proliferates for the clientele of institutions, and a new wave of active investors that want to put their dollars to work in ways that work for them, creating and maintaining a wide portfolio of thematic products is more important than ever.

The process of creating baskets of stocks that fits a theme can be time consuming, manual and prone to error. AI offers a better, simpler way, by combing through every possible news item on an individual stock to ensure it matches a given theme well. In this webinar, Managing Director Porter Fraker will walk through how AI is assisting institutional investors in creating thematic indexes in record time.

Watch now to learn:

– Why creating thematic indexes is time consuming to do manually
– How artificial intelligence can simplify the process
– Early success our clients are seeing with AI-powered thematic investing
– How generative AI empowers asset managers to do more with less

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