Crafting your AI strategy: practical first steps to consider for investment managers

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If 2023 was the year of generative AI experimentation – everyone was finding some use for ChatGPT to make their lives easier – 2024 will be the year of generative AI implementation. Seeing the value that generative AI can extract for its users, organizations are starting to demand that their teams come up with AI strategies to keep up with their competition.

But understanding that AI can be helpful does not equal knowing how to appropriately put organizational plans together for how to adopt AI at scale. In this webinar, Josh Farruggio, Head of Wealth Management Sales, will walk through practical steps that teams should consider when implementing the benefits of AI.

You’ll learn:

– The benefits asset managers are seeing from using AI
– The pros and cons of build vs buy vs do nothing on AI
– What your teams should look for when thinking of AI for investment management
– How to look past marketing hype and find what matters to your teams specifically

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