Generative AI use cases for investment managers that drive results

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It seems like a new anecdote about how generative AI is changing the world comes out every day. Sure, the ways it’s being applied in design or coding are interesting, but how does that impact the day-to-day of an average investment manager? And how can they sort through the hype to find the real ways that this transformative technology can make them better at their jobs?

In this webinar COO and co-founder Nick Abe walks through how he is seeing institutional investors and teams in the financial advisory space achieve efficiency gains through generative AI. He cuts through the marketing jargon to discuss the ways early adopters are seeing success, and the risks to those that fall behind.

You’ll learn:
– Use cases of generative AI for those in the institutional and wealth management space
– Why generative AI is not just a trend
– How early adopters in investment management will see the best returns on their investment

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