How To Use AI to Create a Portfolio Hedging Strategy

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As we face the worst inflation seen in 40 years, increasing uncertainty and volatility, and a possible bear market, investment managers need to find smarter ways to hedge their risk.

The current process most investment managers use to hedge equities hasn’t changed in 20+ years: buy a hedge basket from a third party or short a broad index. As an active manager, why spend so much time, effort, and research power on perfecting your long picks if you’re going to rely on a generic hedge?

While those old strategies can accomplish the baseline goal of reducing overall market exposure, they can also introduce a number of pitfalls that can make or break your portfolio’s success. Join Porter Fraker, Managing Director at, for an overview and a discussion on how machine learning can help identify portfolio risks.

You will learn:
● Why is it hard to find performant single-stock hedges unique to you
● How to actively hedge your stock exposure
● How to easily generate hedge baskets that are unique to your portfolio and process

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