Investment commentary made easy - how generative AI is simplifying client communications for wealth managers

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Writing – it’s hard enough for people that spend their life dedicated to the craft, but what chance does the average wealth manager have of creating compelling content quickly and concisely? A common lament among our advisor customer base has been that they need to write portfolio commentary but struggle to find the time within their busy work days.

Enter generative AI. It has revolutionized the written word since it catapulted into the public consciousness in 2022, and we at have spent the last years honing our finance-specific language models to focus on curating great client communications. In this webinar, Head of Wealth Management Sales, Josh Farruggio, will showcase another AI use case within asset management – using AI to create captivating portfolio commentary.

Watch now to learn:

– Generative AI’s best use cases in investment management
– How our clients are using generative AI to create portfolio commentaries
– What wealth managers need to watch out for when implementing AI

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