The future of AI and investment management: Advances to look out for in 2023

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Many organizations know that they should be leveraging AI but do not know where – or how – to start. There is a lot of hype around AI. Other investment managers seem to boast about their AI capabilities, but it can be difficult to unpack the marketing message from reality.

In this introductory webinar, our CEO and Co-founder, Joshua Pantony will cut through the noise and talk about the key AI trends investment managers should watch for in 2023, including how they can use them to their advantage. He will explain what’s next for AI in asset management using real-life examples and showcase how investment managers are using AI today.

We will discuss the following:
• The current landscape of AI in asset management and its possibilities in 2023
• How unprecedented trends and regime shifts are shaping the intersection of technology and investing
• How AI can help every asset manager improve their business through data-rich insights

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