We seek intellectually curious people to join our team. You don’t just run face first into a problem, your brain is hardwired to want to understand the problem, what you’re doing, and the best way to solve it. And if your way doesn’t end up working as planned, you want to know why it didn’t. Every day you encounter a new problem, you’re not only gaining new experience but also learning new things.

Meet the team
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Why join

We truly care about people. We are a tech company building software, our culture is collaborative and our ethos is to grow leaders. Our driving force is and will always remain people, starting with ours. We consider our employees to be our most precious asset, and we are committed to ensuring that each of them gets the most rewarding, enjoyable, and memorable work experience with us.

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Our Values

Customer experience

Making clients successful on our platform is our most important goal

Ongoing improvement

We encourage team members to grow their own skills, through reading materials, subsidized courses, and cross-pollination of ideas

Individual accountability

We are a fast-moving company looking to grow leaders. Team members get autonomy and responsibility out the gate

Unconventional thinking

We seek intellectually curious people that want to solve difficult problems. We don’t say “no”, we ask “how”

Perks at

Comprehensive health benefits

Competitive compensation

Flexible hours and time off

Have fun and learn together

Work from anywhere

Opportunity to lead, learn, and grow

Open Positions

Quantitative Finance Software Engineer

Quantitative Analysis - Toronto