November 6th, 2023

Press Release: Announces Boosted Insights 3.0 – Generative AI Combined With Finance-Specific Algorithms to Supercharge Investment Manager’s Productivity

Written By: alexlemay launches its most all-encompassing update yet – combining generative AI with its finance-specific algorithms – to save investment managers time, reduce their risk and help make data-driven decisions

September 06, 2023 10:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, makers of the Boosted Insights platform for investment managers, announced today the release of Boosted Insights 3.0, the most powerful update to the software yet. Boosted Insights 3.0 is a generative AI powered portfolio assistant that greatly accelerates productivity across the investment management process. CEO and co-founder Josh Pantony says, “With Boosted Insights 3.0 we set out to supercharge the productivity of investment decision makers. By marrying our proprietary, finance-specific, generative AI technology with our existing suite of products we help our users stay on top of everything that matters to them. Thousands of real time sources of information distilled into easy to understand summaries. The ability to create custom research reports that show the direct impacts on the stocks you care about. All the information you need at your fingertips – just 50x faster.”

The updates to Boosted Insights include:

Portfolio Workspaces: Allows users to view their risk exposure and ensure that their exposure has not drifted away from their investment mandate. Once Boosted Insights can understand your portfolio and your goals, all of the recommendations it makes can be tailored to your unique investing style and mandate. This ensures all recommendations are a great fit and saves hours in the portfolio construction process.

Market Trends: We read and summarize all the news and financial statement data for all companies in North America – so you don’t have to. Using this never ending stream of data we can categorize stocks by themes, helping you to stay on top of what’s going on in the market and with your portfolio.

Users can even have Boosted Insights do the grunt work for them. You can create custom themes which give curated, finance specific research reports on your custom topics – including stocks that will be positively and negatively affected by these topics.

Smart Earnings Calendar: It isn’t enough to know when your stocks are reporting – you also need to know when your stocks can be impacted by other companies. Let Boosted Insights do the heavy lifting for you as it constantly monitors the interconnectedness of the market, surfacing the most relevant earnings reports to you. Smart Earnings Calendar saves investment managers time, and helps them make data-driven decisions, by cutting through the noise of earnings season with precision. is an artificial intelligence platform for equity capital markets professionals. The platform – Boosted Insights – offers two tiers; one for financial advisors with access to’s hundreds of strategies powered by its finance-specific algorithms, and another for institutional investors with the same access, plus added support from dedicated data science and customer success teams, with the ability to create customized AI strategies. is passionate about augmenting the investment management process with AI and has launched multiple updates with ease-of-use, explainability, and time saving top-of-mind.

About is artificial intelligence for better investing. makes Boosted Insights – an artificial intelligence platform to augment idea generation for stock pickers. We believe that combining an investment manager’s intuition and experience with artificial intelligence’s enhanced learning and processing power equals better decision making. To learn more, please visit

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