A Sneak Peek into AI-Powered Investing for Fundamental Managers

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AI adoption remains a multi-faceted challenge, even for data-driven organizations. However, wider acceptance of the benefits of AI is actively fuelling its growth. While investment managers know that using all available data helps them find unique portfolio opportunities, implementing and interpreting a successful AI system can be challenging. At Boosted.ai, we are pioneering packaging complicated artificial intelligence (and all the data it incorporates) into a simple-to-use and understand interface.

Join Alexander Kolb, Managing Director of Product Strategy as he gives a sneak peek into how Boosted.ai is gearing up to help accelerate successful AI adoption in investing.

In this webinar, we will show how fundamental investment managers can use AI to get ahead of the curve.

You will learn:
● The current landscape of AI in asset management and its possibilities in the near future
● How utilizing AI can provide a new quant lens into your research process and highlight what data is driving your portfolio’s investments
● How hard to interpret AI limits organizations and why simple insights, powered by AI, will help equity investment managers drive success for their portfolios

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