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Hedge Baskets lets you bring hedging capabilities in-house

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Easily generate Hedge Baskets unique to your portfolio


Leverage machine learning to find single stock hedges that offset idiosyncratic risks unique to your portfolio


Own your hedging process and ensure performance with multiple years of backtesting


Easily conduct scenario analyses to find optimal hedge baskets that outperform shorting ETFs/indexes

Why is it hard to find performant, single-stock hedges unique to you?


Portfolio Managers and Risk Managers often outsource their hedging process


Building a sophisticated hedging function in-house is time and resource intensive


Finding similar stocks to hedge is complex, so asset managers resort to simple beta hedging


It is hard to offset non-intuitive risks and generate excess return using generic hedge baskets

Power of Intelligent Hedging at your fingertips

Smart Hedging at work

Bespoke, data-driven hedges can help institutional investors avoid overexposure, protect against downside, reduce volatility and beta in their portfolios and generate higher portfolio returns than simple beta hedges. As the world continues to adapt to new technologies, AI capabilities will continue to be a differentiator for forward thinking asset managers.

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In this joint webinar with S3 Partners, our CEO and Co-founder, Joshua Pantony and S3 Partner’s Managing Partner and Founder discussed how investment managers can seize on the power of data-driven AI and alternative data to control their portfolio risks.